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Creative thinking for your culture

Wisdom Fish are experts in organisational culture. We offer Creative events... designed to unify teams and organisations quickly; Mindfulness retreats... with an ex Bud­dhist Monk; Training and cultural development... from a team who’ve run large companies, developed content and delivered training for some of the world’s biggest brands; Film and animation... from creatives who understand the power of storytelling and how to engage and inspire through the moving image; Branding and design... which looks to find the real soul of your organisation and the people in it.
We put self-awareness and mindfulness at the heart of everything we do – and we’re happy to help individuals and organisations do that too.

Welcome to the world of Wisdom Fish

The Wisdom Fish

In our organisation, we symbolise calling as The Wisdom Fish – a creature from the deep that swims into our lives and shows us a better way of being.

If you work with us, we seek to enable you to follow the Wisdom Fish to all the rich places that life and culture have to offer – enabling you and your teams to discover new ways of seeing (and being).

We can help with how your brand gets experienced and lived internally by your teams; the way you lead and unify your departments – even those spread over wide geographical areas; how you engage and celebrate your people and their stories, how you set healthy foundations for innovation. And we integrate those insights into your organisation as solid Building Blocks of Culture:  practices, stories, rituals, symbols and initiations so your callings become tangible and manifest in the world.
Our Maps and Models
The Wisdom Fish Model was born from the understanding that on a deep level – beneath what we say and do - people affect people. And that people who are more aware, more mindful have a greater effect.
Our work focuses on three main areas – individuals, teams and organisations. We work with individuals to develop mindfulness, awareness and character (through exploring the Building Blocks of Character: activity, interaction, purpose, wholeness and meaning); we work with teams to develop habits, ownership, mindful relationships and we work with whole organisations to create powerful and life-affirming cultures held in place with our Building Blocks of Culture:  practices, stories, rituals, symbols and initiations.

What we do


Leadership Retreats & Experiences

There’s something powerful about taking people away from their usual and familiar environment. On our Leadership Retreats we give individuals, teams and entire organisations some bespoke and focused attention – often in a forest retreat centre or at the very least somewhere away from the office. Delving deep into the rich, often untapped core of your culture, we work with you to explore how the group's activity, interactions, direction, wholeness and its philosophy, are supported and embedded through rituals, initiations, practices, storytelling and symbols. And we do this in a variety of ways - from focussed sessions with small groups to theatrical, interactive Experiences for hundreds of participants. Experiences are used as a way of giving participants a real feel and insight into how all the elements we’re exploring work when used together to create a powerful event or transformative moment.


Conference Packages – a new dimension for your event

The Wisdom Fish Conference Packages have grown and developed over many years working with partners in the UK and overseas. Our aim is to add to and enrich the delegate experience, fostering openness, awareness and interactivity through: installations; interactive & creative sessions; experiences; live meditations with an experienced practitioner and audio meditations which can be shared with delegates & speakers pre, during and post event. We also offer theme and branding support for the whole event.



One of the ways to experience what Wisdom Fish can offer you in terms of mindfulness practice for individuals, teams and indeed, whole cultures, is one of our mindfulness programmes. We offer one-day basic foundation sessions to allow you to dip your toe in the water – or longer 4, 8 or 12 week programmes where you’ll learn all the foundation practices you’ll need as an individual and see how these and other practices can be used to support, enliven and unify groups. These programmes are practical in nature – focussing on learning through experience. We also offer one on one mindfulness & meditation teaching. Please contact us directly so we can discuss the details. 

Resources and freebies

Latest blog

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Wisdom Fish often ask the groups we work with what qualities they think are required of a good leader. Of course, there are all sorts of answers – vision, creativity, integrity, consistency, the ability to inspire others. But one that’s always close to the top of our list - along with self-awareness - is empathy.   What is empathy? Empathy is the ability to understand another...