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Culture Consultancy – working with you on leadership, branding, creative, performance... and much more besides...fish

When you meet the Wisdom Fish Team on a consultative basis you might be slightly surprised by the diverse range of areas we can impact on – from leadership development, performance management and retention to branding, values, purpose, self-awareness and praise & recognition programmes.

But the reason we're involved with so many different areas of our partner's organisations is because they all have one thing in common – they all affect and shape culture and it's culture that we're really interested in and excited by.

Our approach & what we do

Whatever project we're involved in, we approach it with an eye on what's missing from the soul of your organisation. We do this because we know that it's deep down, far beneath the surface, that we find the key to unlocking all the really tangible business critical outcomes you're looking for.

In matters of culture, sustainable results almost never seem to come about by trying to go straight for the prize – rather, we have to create the conditions for the culture you want, and then help you work on it day by day until it blooms.


For us, everything in culture is about experience. A culture needs to be lived, breathed, felt, expressed. It’s not a collection of acceptable behaviours ticking along like clockwork. A culture is a living, breathing conglomeration of all the living beings in it, and as such it needs feeding, nurturing and it needs to express itself.

Our Experiences include large scale events like festivals and conferences (or Moots as we call them), through to retreats for reflection and regrouping and mindfulness programmes to develop individuals and teams from the inside out.

Mindfulness programme

Our 8 week mindfulness programme will introduce you to the practice of meditation and mindfulness in the hands of an expert practitioner. Before we involve you in all the fascinating science and research around the benefits of mindfulness in organisations, we really want you to have felt it, experienced it and to have an insider’s understanding of what it’s all about.

To our mind, anyone can talk about meditation, but until you really do it, it’s just looks like sitting down with your eyes closed not doing much. And in the business world that generally doesn’t seem like a good use of time.

Once you’ve got the first meditation practice under your belt, we explore what mindfulness brings to the workplace and how it can feed into your creativity, productivity, impact and relationships. It’s then that you discover that mindfulness might start with meditation and have meditation at its core, but it has many, many different applications and routes out into culture – and there are all sorts of ways you can practice mindfulness throughout the day in ways that maybe aren’t all that obvious to any but the keenest of observers.

Mindfulness programme

Leadership Retreats

By experiencing new things, we change, grow, develop or evolve. And when we take whole teams out of the familiar working environment, powerful and interesting insights start to emerge. We come out from behind our desks, phones and computer screens and we see new aspects of people’s characters come to the fore, different conditions starting to give rise to different results and the often narrow, ‘professional’ limited way we view our co-workers widening out.

Not only do we get wider, looser views of the people around us, we also start to take more expansive views on our business challenges and problems. Situations that seemed insurmountable in the meeting room at 10:30 on Tuesday morning take on a whole different guise when you’re out in a forest. Vision starts to grow – inspiration – engagement – buy in.

And the retreats certainly aren’t intense, introspective environments. Yes they are powerful, but we don’t feel they’ve been a success if there isn’t as much belly laughter as there is navel gazing and insight.


You’ll experience guided meditation sessions, explore your own personal motivations and purpose, look at group relationships, dynamics and culture present within your organisation with a view to gaining awareness, clarity and renewed purpose to be the best group of people you can possibly be.

Highly recommended for stressed out teams or groups who need to find some common ground and to unify, or reflect on jobs well done.

Leadership Retreats

The Moot – a what?

The concept of the Moot is ancient. In Anglo-Saxon times, and earlier, a Moot was a gathering of the most senior and respected members of the tribe. Like similar gatherings in many cultures, it was where matters of great import would be debated and decisions taken. At the Moot, bonds of friendship would be forged or strengthened, and the culture celebrated. And so it is with each and every Moot we run today.

For us, a Moot is a chance for get under the hood of a culture, to where all the pistons are firing and the dynamic forces are working together to drive an organisation on.

We look at the Building Blocks of Culture: rituals, initiations, story-telling, practices and symbols in a way that gets all the attendees really engaging with them. We show these elements of culture in their wider context historically and cross-culturally and give leaders an opportunity to see what they can do with these powerful tools at their disposal.

Finally, at the end of the Moot, we spend time celebrating the culture – calling forth the heroes, telling their stories, reflecting the deepest vison of the culture back at itself. Oh, and we have theatrical performances, acrobats and even a little bit of magic…